Aging is unavoidable. Aging beautifully, gracefully and healthily however, is an art. Botox Cape Town can help to make this happen.


1. What is Profhilo?

It is an injectable treatment containing one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that exists on the market. HA is hydrophilic which means it draws and holds water from the body.

2. How does Profhilo work?

Slow release of Hyaluronic Acid by Profhilo stimulates the productions of collagen and elastin thus:

- Significantly reduces skin laxity

- Makes skin remarkably more firm

- Restores volume to sagging and sunken areas

- Tightens skin for a more taut, youthful appearance

- Constantly infuses skin with boosted hydration for a fresher look and feel

- Can be used preventatively to avoid loss of volume and dullness

- Imparts radiance to the skin, giving the face a beautiful, glowing appearance

- Is superb at treating multiple areas, including the body: face, neck, décolletage (chest, cleavage and lower neck), arms, knees and hands.

3. What can I expect after the treatment?

Smoother, firmer, tauter, hydrated, cleared and more radiant skin

4. Why is Profhilo different from other injectable treatments?

Profhilo doesn’t fill less voluminous areas and doesn’t paralyse muscles, instead stimulates multiple reactions in the body throughout natural skin renewal cycle. It induces productions of collagen and elastin.

5. What do Profhilo treatments involve?

- Profhilo involves two treatments spaced four weeks/28 days apart

- There are five specific BAP (bio aesthetic point) injection sites, where the doctor injects Profhilo into facial skin

- The product is then absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, where it stimulates dramatically increased production of multiple types of collagen and elastin

- the building blocks of more youthful, healthy skin

6. Who is Profhilo suitable for?

Profhilo is a truly universal treatment, suitable for patients in their late 20s and older. So there are two distinct categories for Profhilo patients.


- Preventative: Younger patients from late 20s and older who are keen to maintain and stimulate the body's natural cell renewal cycles, producing fresher, clearer, glowing skin

- Restorative: More mature patients who wish to address existing depletion, including lost significant suppleness and firmness, increased laxity, noticeable dullness and creases in the skin

7. How long does Profhilo last?

- Typically, patients find the best results by repeating Profhilo treatments after 6 months - In some cases 9 to 12 months - Most importantly, it is impossible to 'overdo' Profhilo. - Because Profhilo's beneath-the-surface stimulation of cell renewal occurs over the skin's natural skin cycle, there is no risk of a puffy, bloated or obviously treated appearance.

8. What about the recovery?

The downtime following a treatment is minimal and one should be able to return to normal light daily activities immediately after the procedure. However avoidance of physical strain , hot sauna in the first 24h after the procedure is recommended. One should stay protected from intense UV light for at least 1 month.

9. What are the side effects?

As with all non-surgical aesthetic procedures there is a risk of unwanted effects, mostly minor bruising or swelling at the injection sites. These are temporary.

10. What are the contraindications for the treatment?

Profhilo is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as for people who are allergic to hyaluronic acid.