Aging is unavoidable. 

Aging beautifully, gracefully and healthily however, is an art. We can help to make this happen.




Read what our clients have to say about us.


I am thrilled with the results

With so many beauty interventions on offer these days, finding the best way to manage the ageing process was proving a big challenge.  I found Krystyna's approach very interactive and she makes a thorough assessment and takes plenty of time to explain the options and the results that can be expected.  It was clear from the start that Krystyna is passionate about what she does and her knowledge and advice and genuine enthusiastic interest in keeping my skin looking it's best gave me the confidence to try new avenues of rejuvenation. I am thrilled with the results.  

Vera van Leeuwen

Will recommend her with confidence

I am a patient of Dr Krystyna Pharoah for the past 4 years. Before any treatment is done, she ensures that I understand the process and what the outcome will be. She also explains the risks if there are any. So there are no surprises. She continuously broaden her knowledge of this subject matter with further studies and is abreast of the newest technology. She is always very professional, kind and friendly during consultations and make one feel at ease. She follows up after every treatment to ensure that the desired outcome has been achieved. I have always been a satisfied customer and will recommend her with confidence.  


Highly Recommend Her

Dr Pharoah has treated me on 4 different occasions for botox and peripheral lines.On each occasion she has done an excellent job and her professionalism and efficient manner are to be admired.I can highly recommend her. Regards Sally


Meine Lippen haben über die Zeit an Volumen verloren.Dr.Krystyna erklärte mir im Detail ihre genaue Vorgehensweise,wie die Form und das Volumen wieder hergestellt werden können.Ich bin äußerst zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis,meine Lippen haben einen sehr natürlichen Look. Ich kann Dr. Krystyna sehr empfehlen.Sie arbeitet sehr professionell und hat gleichzeitig einen sehr hohen ästhetischen Anspruch.

Lynette de Beer

I can highly recommend her!

I have always been interested in beauty and took  care of my skin from early adolescence. By trial and error……..  Luckily I met Dr Krystyna Pharoah!! I absolutely love her products! My skin now looks better than ever. It is definitely fresher, brighter and smoother.  With Dr Krystyna  I learned how to enhance the appearance of my skin by following her recommendation regarding skin treatments and cosmetics especially botulinum toxin, fillers, peels and threads. Right from the first consultation and until  now through regular visits for Botox, Dr Krystyna has been caring, gentle and professional. Her procedures are almost painless. Her chemical peels give my skin a healthy and refreshed look. The peels took years off  the aging changes in my facial appearance. I definitely look younger, there is a reduction and even eradication of wrinkles as well as an improvement of dark skin discoloration. Dr Krystyna also uses  threads. It is a treatment that involves the use of slowly absorbing threads under the skin. The  threading lift was well tolerated by me, there was no need for any anaesthesia. Almost immediatey I have noticed an improvement: there was less skin sagging and  some facial  lines disappeared. My family and friends  commented on my youthful  appearance. I feel like the clock has been turned back which gave me so much more confidence. I am very grateful to Dr Krystyna. I can highly recommend her!

Jill Reinecke

So Absolutely Natural

After seeing a recent photograph of myself, l realised that my lips had shrunk considerably. I had heard of lip fillers but was terrified of looking like a duck or worse. Dr Krystyna Pharoah came highly recommended so l made an appointment. Krystyna was very warm an reassuring, answering my questions in detail and allowing me to make up my mind without feeling pressurised. I felt safe so I  opted for the procedure. Her main concerns were that l should be comfortable and painfree. Krystyna talked me through the entire procedure, explaining each step as she went. Krystyna recommended certain areas and her reasons. The results are beautiful, her product is fantastic and she is just amazing. I have recently had a top up and I'm delighted with the results. So absolutely natural.