Weight management

December 1, 2018

FAT reduction injections (LIPOLYSIS) with Ceccarelli Solution – QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

1. What is Ceccarelli Solution and how does it work? It is a mesotherapy solution formulated by an Italian Professor Maurizio Ceccarelli which contains vitamin C […]
August 7, 2018

Fat freezing (cryolipolysis)

June 17, 2018

The role of physical activity and energy expenditure in weight control


June 21, 2018

The various signs and symptoms of menopause according to their specific hormonal change

June 21, 2018

Health risks associated with male andropause

Dermal fillers

September 1, 2018

14 Common myths and facts about dermal fillers

June 21, 2018


Medical chemical peels

June 21, 2018

The levels of chemical peels according to skin histology

Skin care

July 31, 2018

14 Common myths and facts about Botox

July 3, 2018

10 common mistakes in daily skin care routine