Fat freezing (cryolipolysis)
August 7, 2018
FAT reduction injections (LIPOLYSIS) with Ceccarelli Solution – QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
December 1, 2018

Myth #1 - The filler can by injected anywhere and by anybody

Fact - Only well trained and qualified doctors are allowed to inject dermal fillers. The procedure needs to be performed in a medical office.

Myth #2 - The fillers disfigure the face and give an unnatural look

Fact -This is not a problem if dermal filler is injected by a properly trained, qualified doctor.                                               

The results give a natural look and often not obvious to people around. The patient is often complemented on good look but no one knows what exactly was done.

Myth #3 - It takes time for the filler to work

Fact - Hyaluronic acid fillers give immediate results. Pictures are taken straight after the procedure is completed.

Myth #4 - The fillers are very painful

Fact - Some fillers injections can cause discomfort, but in most cases local anaesthetic is applied first.

Myth #5 - The fillers don’t last long

Fact - Hyaluronic acid fillers can last between 6 to 12 months and even longer. This effect depends on the area treated as well as on an individual response.

Myth #6- The permanent fillers are a better option as they are cost effective

Fact - Permanent fillers also can lead to permanent problems. With aging the facial structures undergo changes. Permanent fillers do not adapt to these changes thus often lead to unnatural look later in life. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm are much better option; do not be tempted to inject permanent filler.

Myth #7 - The fillers can be replaced by a good anti-aging cream

Fact - Good anti-aging creams like RetinA definitely offer an improvement in the appearance of the skin, but fillers gives immediate and more dramatic results; they are able to replace volume loss, augment lips and decrease deep wrinkles and lines.

Myth #8 - The fillers are irreversible

Fact - Some fillers are permanent and irreversible, but hyaluronic acid fillers (such as Juvederm) can be reversed.

Myth #9 - The fillers can replace Botox

Fact - Botox and fillers injections are two different procedures. Botox relaxes expression muscles helping to decrease  wrinkles, while injected dermal fillers (such as Juvederm) can replace volume loss, reshape and augment lips, diminish wrinkles as well as can help to plump the skin.

Myth #10 - The fillers injections procedure takes long time to heal

Fact - Dermal fillers in some cases do not cause any downtime, in some can cause mild swelling, bruising. Generally the healing period can last 2-3 days, very seldom longer than a week.                                               

Normal activities can be started straight after the procedure.

Myth #11 -The filler in the lips gives a “trout pout” look

Fact - This sadly can happen if the procedure is done by an unqualified or poorly trained in aesthetic medicine doctor. Fillers injected by an experienced practitioner give natural, subtle lip enhancement.

Myth # 12 - The fillers give a “pillow face” look

Fact - Again this problem occurs if the unexperienced practitioners inject the filler.                                                   

Overcorrection can result in overly plumped face. A well trained doctor will keep a sense of proportion and will not over treat.

Myth # 13 – The fillers are very expensive, unaffordable

Fact - The cost of fillers varies and depends on the type of filler as well as on amount used.                                             

In Art of Aging Aesthetic Medical Practice Juvederm fillers from Allergan are used, the starting price is R 1700.

Myth # 14 - The fillers are used for wrinkles only

Fact - Fillers can be used to fill wrinkles and lines but also to accentuate facial features, to replace loss of volume and to augment lips. They are very effective in enhancing cheekbones regions.                           

Some degree of skin lift can be achieved by injecting fillers into certain areas on the face.