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14 Common myths and facts about Botox

Botox belongs to the most common anti-aging procedure performed all over the world. If performed by a qualified and experienced doctor it has proven great results and safety with little or even no down time.

Below are the most common myths and facts about Botox.

Myth # 1 - Botox makes your face looking frozen

Fact - This is not true. Botox if injected by trained doctors gives a natural, more relaxed look, less angry and a youthful appearance. The aim is to look young and refreshed. The patient can still smile and animate. Most of the facial expressions remain active.

Myth # 2 - Botox is only for women

Fact - Both women and men enjoy younger appearance and both can benefit from the results offered by Botox. Men unfortunately need higher doses of Botox in order to achieve the results as their muscles are stronger.

Myth # 3 - Botox is not safe

Fact - Injecting Botox is considered to be a safe procedure. In 1989 FDA approved its use for therapeutic indications and in 2002 for cosmetic purposes. The myth of Botox being unsafe comes from the fact that Botulinum toxin is connected to food poisoning, but since in aesthetic medicine Botox is used in very small doses the overall risk is minimal. The amount of Botulinum toxin injected into the body is not high enough to be considered toxic.

Myth # 4 - Botox is used to treat only already established wrinkles and lines

Fact - As a preventative method the ideal time to start with the injections of Botox is when the fine lines are starting to appear. Once the wrinkles become established and deep it is more difficult to smooth the skin out again. More sessions will be required to minimalize the look of deep lines.

Myth # 5 - Botox is used only for wrinkles

Fact - In aesthetic medicine Botox is also commonly used for other indications as well, for example lifting eyebrows, softening the jawline, raising corners of the mouth as well as treating dimpling of the chin. Botox is also used for treatment of excessive sweating in the armpits and forehead. There are also many medical indications (headaches, strabismus, graphospasm etc.) for which Botox injections are effectively used.

Myth # 6 – Once the treatment with Botox is stopped the wrinkles appear worse

Fact - Botox injected into the body does not provide permanent results. The effects last from 3-6 months but this is an individual response. Once the muscles regain their normal movements the lines and wrinkles return to the initial stage (before the treatment with Botox).

Myth # 7 - Botox is no longer needed for patients after plastic surgery

Fact - Plastic surgery effectively helps to achieve a more youthful appearance, but sadly it does not stop the ageing, therefore Botox injections still remain important in preventing the appearance of new lines and wrinkles.

Myth # 8 - Botox gives numbing feelings on the face

Fact - Botox has no effect on sensory nerves therefore will not affect the normal feeling of the skin in the treated areas. Botox weakens the facial expression muscles only.

Myth # 9 - Botox becomes less effective with more treatments

Fact - The periods between treatments are longer if Botox injections are given regularly. Sadly there are other contributing factors which lead to aging; Botox only treats wrinkles.

Myth # 10 - Botox can be replaced by special Botox-like creams

Fact - There is no scientific evidence proving this statement. Some creams might have some effect on the surface of the skin; Botox injections treat under the skin muscles which are responsible for creating expression lines.

Myth # 11 - Botox can give big lips

Fact - Botox is not a filler and it does not fill any lines or restore volume loss. Dermal fillers like Juvederm are used for filling facial lines and wrinkles as well as restoring volume loss and augmenting lips.

Myth # 12 - Botox injections are very painful

Fact - The injections are made with very small needles, the discomfort last for only a few seconds and in majority of patients no anaesthetic is needed. For patients with very low pain thresholds, a numbing anaesthetic cream might be applied before the procedure.

Myth # 13 – Botox is very expensive and unaffordable

Fact - The price of Botox depends on amount used and it differs from practice to practice. On average R 65-75 is charged per unit of Botox. In Art of Aging Aesthetic Medical Practice the cost for frown and eyebrow elevation is R1400 (which comes to R56 per unit ) if frown, eyebrows and crow’s feet are treated at the same session 50 units are used and the total charge is R2500 (R50 per unit).

Myth # 14 - Botox injections can be given anywhere, for example during Botox parties

Fact - Botox is a medical procedure therefore it should be only injected in an appropriate medical office. Even though Botox is considered to be safe with minimal risk of side effects it needs to be given only in a medical setting where a doctor is able to take a proper action to handle an emergency situation.